Handrails – Cleveland Ohio

handrailsUpright Steel fabricates and provides handrails and guardrail in steel, aluminum, and stainless steel. We can build to ADA specifications or provide you with a specialty or custom designed handrail. Most handrail heights are regulated by ADA standards and are Upright Steel is well versed at conforming to these standards. Our handrails are fabricated with a high skill level that is unmatched in our market. We can provide any type of rail required. We fabricate handrails for commercial, industrial, and residential projects. Our commercial and industrial handrail systems can be custom made and finished with a powder coat of any color. We are also well versed in industrial coating applications and can provide a product that fits in with an industrial environment. Guardrails are typically considered a wall rail and we can provide any type of guard rail and many options for mounting the rail to the wall. Generally we review this hardware with our customers in order to provide them with a look and style that enhances the area. A handrail or a guardrail is a very significant architectural element that in our view can make a difference in a project and will stand out for many years to come. We consider our steel, aluminum, and stainless handrails as the foundation of a miscellaneous metals presentation that improves any project. Upright Steel appreciates historically accurate metalwork and can match any style of handrail or guard rail with authenticity. A proper handrail system is becoming a lost art and we are carrying an architectural tradition into the future. We meet with our clients to field measure and design handrails. All of our drafting is done in house and then after approval we fabricate our handrails. We can erect anywhere in Northeast Ohio and will ship to anywhere in the country.