Miscellaneous Metals Midwest

Miscellaneous MetalsUpright Steel fabricates and provides miscellaneous metals for many different applications and we are an expert in this field. We specialize in architectural enhancements and ornamental steel elements for residential, commercial, and industrial projects. Many steel fabrication companies cannot provide a simultaneous structural and miscellaneous metals package and this is an area that Upright Steel has excelled at for our clients.

Customers looking for a unique look or product in steel, aluminum, or stainless steel, have found that we are the best choice for fabrication. Our expertise in this ever-changing market stems from our ability to translate an architectural idea into real world practicality while maintaining a superior level of quality. We pride ourselves on our fabrication in any medium of miscellaneous metals and hold high standards in our fabrication and welding.

Miscellaneous metals include steel panel systems, handrails, various steel and aluminum canopies, decorative steel elements, and many more design options.  The use of aging steel such as A588 grade has become increasingly popular and we have the experience to fabricate and provide aged steel options. Stainless steel cable applications are also becoming an industry staple that Upright Steel currently utilizes for multiple projects.

Cable railing and mesh designs are just a small example and a general introduction into the vast amounts of enhancements that can be provided in order to create a unique and creative design that will stand out for many years to come. Upright Steel has provided a multitude of miscellaneous metals fabrications and products to our customer base in the Northeast Ohio region.

We look forward to extending our experienced hand in our market to a new and growing customer base outside of our region. Upright Steel works daily with architects, engineers, and contractors, to create miscellaneous metal alternatives to ordinary, outdated, and typical fabrication in steel, aluminum, and stainless steel.