Modular Steel Cleveland Ohio

modular steelUpright Steel is a primary provider and fabricator in multiple projects that require modular steel applications.  We have utilized our skills in fabrication and design to provide bolt together or completely pre-fabricated structural and miscellaneous steel to a large customer base in our region.

Upright Steel also has an extensive background in aluminum and stainless steel modular fabrications. Modular steel fabrications are a viable solution when flexibility of locations for miscellaneous steel is required. A modular steel fabrication is also requested in some corporate and commercial environments when flooring is already laid out and a welded operation is not allowed. Upright Steel provides our clientele with consistent, high quality fabricated products that will not need to be welded on site if applicable.

Many customers require modular steel handrail systems, stairs, or other types of miscellaneous steel applications when they cannot have welding performed at their location. Adjustable handrail applications can be utilized to retro-fit a handrail that needs to be replaced or can be a valid option when a handrail needs to be frequently removed.  Upright Steel provides handrail systems that fit into sleeves or brackets and is an adjustable product that remains a safe and strong option for various uses.

Modular steel can also present a solution for structural reinforcement or repairs in a pre-existing structure that already possesses finished surfaces.  Upright Steel has been problem solver when a client requires a steel ladder or stair system that will need to be moved to various locations in their facility or jobsite.

A typical use for a modular stair system would be in an environment that requires a stair leading to a second floor or mezzanine that has multiple entrance points.  Upright Steel fabricates custom or uniform modular steel products that can be shipped to anywhere in the United States