Our Services

Modular Steel– Upright Steel has been the primary provider and fabricator in multiple projects that involve modular steel applications.  We have utilized our skills in fabrication and design to provide bolt together structural and miscellaneous steel. We also have an extensive background in aluminum and stainless steel modular steel.  We can provide a consistent fabricated product that will not need to be welded on site.

Steel Stairs– Upright Steel fabricates and provides pre-engineered steel stair systems, custom stairs, and drop in stair systems in steel, aluminum, and stainless steel. These applications are at the core of our skill set and knowledge and we have years of experience in any type of metal stair project.

Handrails – Upright Steel fabricates and provides handrails and guardrail in steel, aluminum, and stainless steel. We can build to ADA specifications or provide you with a specialty or custom designed handrails.

Steel Canopies– Upright Steel currently fabricates and provides steel canopies to many customers and general contractors. Our canopies can be custom made to your demands and are available in steel, aluminum, and stainless steel. We are capable of providing many different types and designs of canopies along with a variety of rod and clevis options.

Steel Balconies– Upright Steel fabricates and provides steel balconies that can attach on to an existing structure and can also be fabricated for new construction. We work with our customers to create a design that will enhance any project and at the same time offer a structurally sound and safe product.

Miscellaneous Metals– Upright Steel fabricates and provides miscellaneous metals for many different applications. We specialize in architectural enhancements and ornamental elements that will make any project stand out. If you are looking for a unique look or product, we are the best choice for fabrication and installation.

Custom Steel Fabrication– Upright Steel provides custom steel fabrication for a large client base that demands many various types of products. We specialize in miscellaneous metals and the majority of our work is custom made per design.

Stainless Welding– Upright Steel utilizes our skill in stainless welding frequently for many different types of applications. Our welders are certified in stainless steel and will provide you with quality stainless steel welds.

Steel Fire Escapes– Upright Steel fabricates steel fire escapes that follow industry standards and codes. We provide fire escapes for a large client base and can help you in your next project

Steel Pedestrian Bridges– Upright Steel fabricates quality pedestrian bridges that enhance any area and provide the proper strength required.  We are also level one bridge certified.