Steel Balconies Cleveland Ohio

Steel BalconiesUpright Steel fabricates and provides steel balconies that will attach on to an existing structure and can also be fabricated for new construction. Matching a particular balcony that needs to be replicated is also a possibility when requested. We work with our customers to create a design that will enhance any project and at the same time offer a structurally sound and safe product.

Upright Steel can ship pre-assembled balconies with supportive pieces separately. Erecting prints can be provided by our detailing department that will provide an easy path for installation. Steel balconies are architectural enhancements that are typically fabricated with a steel frame that is bolted or welded into existing supportive elements in a structure. Aluminum and stainless steel are also optional balcony materials and are equally as supportive as steel when properly designed.

Upright Steel fabricates steel balconies that hold to the safety specifications for any region as needed.  Steel balconies can be designed with steel panel for the sides and flooring if requested.  Mesh or panel barriers can be used to provide many different styles of balcony sides and flooring.

Steel grating is also an option that Upright Steel can provide as the balcony floor in applications requiring heavy weight support.  Upright Steel has the technical knowledge to properly utilize industry standards of support for grated flooring in our balconies.

Steel balconies require proper guardrails and support in their composition and this provides a safe barrier that will stand the test of time. Upright Steel also designs and fabricates steel balconies that have a guardrail combined with a cable rail system for a modern aesthetic.  Stainless steel cable rail is often easy to install and we can guide you in the process. We offer a myriad of steel balcony options and have provided our customer base with these products for many years.