Steel Canopies Cleveland Ohio

Steel CanopiesUpright Steel currently fabricates and provides steel canopies to customers and general contractors in our region and is looking to provide our knowledge, expertise, and quality, to a broader market. Our canopies can be custom made to fit any residential, commercial, or industrial application and are available in steel, aluminum, and stainless steel.

We are capable of providing many different types and designs of canopies along with a variety of fastening options. Steel canopies come in many different designs and shapes for various uses. Upright Steel also offers our canopies powder coated in any color requested. Generally we offer a galvanized finished product for the longest endurance of standard grades of steel.

A steel canopy typically connects to a pre-existing structure and blocks out the weather for an entry way or common area.  The most basic and practical applications are for sheltered entry ways where the most pedestrian traffic occurs. Steel canopies provide blocking of the elements that may damage a door or window system over time. Upright Steel works with our customers in order to provide the best steel canopies system for any structure and use.  Galvanized steel decking is utilized most commonly as a bed for our steel canopies and provides solid protection creating a water proof area.

We also design and fabricate other options for a covering such as a grating surface that the elements can pass through. We have provided many different types of decorative canopies as well. Upright Steel offers many styles of bracing for steel canopies. A rod and clevis system is a popular option that enhances the appearance of a canopy while adding strength in application. Rod and clevis systems are available in many different options and we will guide you through the selection of bracing that best fits your needs.