Steel Fire Escapes Cleveland Ohio

Steel Fire EscapesUpright Steel fabricates and provides highly functional steel fire escapes for a large and expanding customer base. Steel fire escapes are inspected on a regular basis and need to hold to very specific engineering standards. We follow these strict guidelines to offer steel fire escapes that will stand up to vigorous inspections over the course of time.

Fire escapes are an essential life-saving feature in any new construction project or rebuild and Upright Steel Inc possesses the knowledge and experience to best fit your needs. New fire escapes can be steel structures consisting of platforms, stairs, and railing, or a more simple design consisting of steel cage ladders. Upright Steel fabricates and provides both of these options. We use our knowledge in stair and handrail construction to offer larger scale steel fire escapes for larger projects.

Upright Steel also has extensive experience in ladder construction and can offer you many different options for a cage ladder style fire escape. Steel fire escapes follow regional codes and we always consult with our customers and follow these guidelines when providing our products. Many different styles of fire escapes are requested for different applications. A steel grating tread style is often required and Upright Steel is well versed in steel grating and its uses and functionality.

Industrial applications for steel fire escapes are often requested of us and we have a familiarity with codes and can provide you with the most cost effective and safe options available. Commercial and residential steel fire escapes are available and Upright Steel has a solid track record of providing these products as well.  Our fire escapes are available in a primer or galvanized finish and powder coating is available in any color. Upright Steel can also fabricate your fire escapes in stainless steel or aluminum if requested.