Steel Pedestrian Bridges Cleveland Ohio

Steel Pedestrian BridgesUpright Steel fabricates steel pedestrian bridges in many different styles for many different applications. Our pedestrian bridges are available in many different spans. Upright Steel offers short span, middle span, and ODOT level one long span steel pedestrian bridges.

We can provide any proposed small bridge in steel, stainless steel, or aluminum. Upright Steel works with our customer base to provide a functional, architectural enhancement that will improve the look of any area while at the same time, provide a safe application for any area.  Creating a quality steel product that is the most cost efficient and also practical is typical for Upright Steel in other disciplines and we apply this knowledge to any requested bridges.

Steel pedestrian bridges are an excellent choice that will outlast other options and remain a very cost effective product. Our steel pedestrian bridges can be offered in a galvanized steel finish.  Galvanized steel is one of the best options for an outside bridge and ages well in the elements. A grated floor can be offered and carries the weight specifications needed while allowing rain and snow to pass through the flooring.

Many different types of grated floor are available and will always be braced in the most structurally sound way possible. Powder coating is available in any color needed. Steel pedestrian bridges are often galvanized and then powder coated to provide customers with the strength and the look required. Upright Steel offers our experience in design and fabrication of steel pedestrian bridges for the commercial, industrial, and residential markets.

Upright Steel is fully capable of shipping our pre-assembled shorter span bridges to anywhere in the United States along with approved erecting prints. We work with architects and engineers to overcome typical obstacles in order to provide the best steel pedestrian bridges for your installation.