Steel Stairs Cleveland Ohio

steel stairsUpright  Steel  fabricates and provides pre-engineered steel stairs systems,  custom stairs, and drop-in stair systems in steel, aluminum, and stainless steel.  These applications are at the core of our skill set and knowledge and we have many years of experience in any type of metal stair project. We can fabricate steel stair systems for any project and will make sure your final product is in proper compliance with building codes for your state or region.

There are many different and very specific regulations for steel stairs and these guidelines vary from region to region. Upright Steel takes regional regulations into account when designing and fabricating steel stairs for our customers.  We often provide a pan style stair that is suited for a concrete filled tread. In most of these cases we utilize a universal design based on steel channel stringers and steel stair pans. This design reflects the most common and versatile steel stair design used in the industry.

Upright Steel often fabricates a single tube style staircase and we have designed and implemented many different types of this stair. (Clifton point or yours truly pic). This design is typically used in a commercial environment such as a restaurant or home and adds a sharp aesthetic to a project. Industrial facilities or public works facilities such as water treatment plants often require the utilization of either a stainless steel or aluminum stair system with a grated tread style. Upright steel currently fabricates any of these options.

A drop-in stair system is a customizable, mobile option for stairs. Our drop-in steel stairs can be shipped to our customers with handrails and we can adapt to any dimensions requested.  The drop in stair system is a great option for a mezzanine or storage area and is available as a modular fabrication option that is a completed product and can be fastened to a pre-existing structure.